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Music Lights Berlin is a national and international music agency.

The main work of Music Lights Berlin is the concert booking in Germany, partly also in other European countries for national and international bands/artists.
Intensive and personal contact to the bands/artists is therefor an important aspect for MLB.


MLB works with bands/artists who have already taken their first steps in the music business. Those who have already built up a fan base, so have already generated a demand, because without it the concert venue remains empty.
Nowadays nobody goes to a live show "by accident" anymore - unfortunately. Bands/artists need people who wants to see them and of course who are willing to pay for that. In most cases the concert venues have to be rented, there are hotel, travel and booking costs - so sufficient paying audience has to appear to cover the costs of the bands/artists.


MLB is itself the organizer of the irregularly held acoustic series "Rock meets Silence".



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