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Hometown |  Hamburg, GER
Genre | Dark Rock


Florian Grey’s  musical roots are in darkrock with a proper dose of pop. He proves his songwriter creativity by interweaving different genres. The result is  a pretty unique sound. 

Hometown | Helsinki, FIN
Genre | Sleaze Rock



Influenced by 80’s sleaze rock and early 90’s alternative punk rock, Private Line has their own fresh and wild look.

Hometown | Prague, CZ
Genre | Rock


DARKHs musical style stretches somewhere between simple, straightforward hard rock and modern, energetic rock, somewhere in between Kiss and Papa Roach.

Hometown | GER

Genre | Psychedelic Rock


Raw analogue vintage sounds paired with the unique voice of Rob Vitacca.

Hometown | Lyon/Paris, FRA
Genre | Industrial Rock/Gothic Metal


Named after the classic ‘Pornography’ album by The Cure and strongly influenced by the original industrial scene, post-punk and goth rock acts and industrial rock/metal PORNs mission is to create aggressive yet sexy, powerful, dark and dangerous music. (In their own words “something like a beautiful, tasty fruit with a razor blade inside”)

Hometown | Berlin, GER
Genre | Dark Piano Music


Miss Key's exploring different directions in musical styles and mixing them together so that impossible became an integral, yet unique piece of music.
Her passionate dedication to piano music has sculpted a way to her own style in black and white. Relaxing and melancholic, her music depicts a palette of colorful emotions, fantasies and stories.

Hometown | Berlin, GER
Genre | Folkpop


Leo Grande ist das deutschsprachige Folkpop Projekt von Singer/Songwriter Toni Hoffmann. Unpopuläre Popmusik mit kreativen Texten, die geistreich und wortwitzig mal bedeutungsschwanger und mal herzlich-leicht daherkommen und in einem Soundbett aus Gitarre, Orgel, Kontrabass und Schlagzeug in eine ganz eigene musikalische Welt entführen.

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